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Asset Management

What is asset management

Whatever type of business or organsiation you are, you'll want to manage your asset estate in the most straightforward way possible. You will want a real time view of the assets you have, their location, visibility of any scheduled maintenance and/or replacement dates and costs. If you buy in services you might like a heads up on any contracts coming up for renewal so you don't miss the opportunity to check out alternative cost options, which is why our product also acts as an effective Contract Management Software. There's nothing worse than being stuck with a service you are not happy with because you were busy and missed the date to opt out before the contract rolled over.

Inventry and asset management.

Audit makes managing your assets as easy as 1-2-3

SG World offer a simple to use asset management software that can assist in the following applications:

  • Levels of control help you meet your financial obligations.
  • Easily produce accurate reports on anything in the system for asset replacement, warranty checks, insurance purposes or procurement and budgeting.
  • Avoid overpayment on insurance premiums with accurate total asset and room contents values that includes depreciation, damage or loss.

Asset Management Software

Helping you manage your assets

Our Asset management software allows you track devices on your network, save money by monitoring software liscences and usuage.

  • Automated discovery lets you find and map the PC and Mac computers on your network with the click of a button.
  • Software metering function tracks the actual usage of software across your network so you can see if there are underused or spare software licenses available.
  • E-Safety alerts monitor if new software is installed on networked computers.
  • Optional software module helps you track software assets across your network.
  • Track IP address changes in the event of theft.

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