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How can you squeeze your assets if you don't know what they are

Having an accurate cost base is essential in managing a Call Centre. AudIT Asset Management software makes keeping on top of the asset inventory easy. This user-friendly software can immediately help departments, from IT to Facilities to Administration fully understand their asset portfolio and make informed decisions on insurance, maintenance, budgeting and procurement.

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Saving time and money

AudIT is a cloud based Asset Management system that gives your Call Centre all of the information it needs to efficiently manage its resources.

All in one interface.

AudIT delivers real cost savings that will more than justify any initial investment , ensuring your business gets the most from its budget by not paying for excess overhead.

  • Reduce asset expenditure
  • Reduce manhours spent conducting manual asset counts
  • Eliminate the annual asset audit
  • Cut software license costs
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Manage a staff asset and loan pool
  • Automated end of financial year reporting for your auditors

Don’t know where to start? - We can come in and do it all for you!

SG World offers an Asset Discovery Service that can get you off to a flying start. Our engineers will come on-site to set up your AudIT asset management solution up with an exact replica of your site based off of floor plans, including all the buildings and rooms. Our team will set up the user accounts, train your members of staff to use the system and barcode tag your assets.

Essential information for Facilities Managers

You'll want to manage your asset estate in the most straightforward way possible with a real time view of company assets, their location, maintenance schedules and/or replacement dates and costs.

  • Create maintenance schedules for each room, floor or building on your site
  • Instantly access room schematics like dimensions, fire exits and alarm zones
  • Store photos of rooms to track damage and condition
  • Keep risk assessments, maintenance records and photographs of an asset all in a single file
  • Helpdesk module, so that staff can log tickets for inventory or premises issues
  • Manage via PC or iPhone/Android phone


Manage and track software

Our automated discovery feature lets you find and map the PC and Mac computers on your network with the click of a button.

  • Software metering function tracks the actual usage of software across your network so you can see if there are underused or spare licenses
  • E-Safety alerts monitor if new software is installed on networked computers
  • Optional software module helps you track software assets across your network
  • Track IP address changes in the event of theft


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