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If you are looking for a reliable, secure, professional and speedy cheque provider SG World can help. Our cheques can be used with almost any accountancy software system in the market place including SIMS.


Very easy, simply provide us with a ‘cancelled’ cheque from your current stock and we’ll copy it exactly. We’ll take care of the whole set up – including liaising with your bank where needed.


It’s very simple. If you haven’t looked at the cost of your printed cheques for a while give us a call & we will beat any genuine like-for-like quote.


SG World has been printing cheques for over 45 years and as a Cheque & Credit Clearing Company (C&CCC) accredited cheque printer is able to print cheques for all of our customers regardless of which bank they use and which software they use.

We are audited by C&CCC every year and all of our cheques:-

  • Are printed on a special security paper called CBS1 
  • Are printed with special security inks which are aqua and solvent sensitive to easily identify attempts to change the detail.
  • Feature background patterns on cheques that are unique to us and contain ultra-violet patterns naked to the human eye.
  • Have all account numbers, sort codes and cheque numbers printed in magnetic ink.



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All accounting software will include set layouts for cheques. Simply choose the size that suits your software set-up. The most common sizes are outlined below but if you require something different, just let us know.


Laser Cheque (A4)


Continuous Cheque (12” x 9”)


Continuous Cheque (4” x 9”)

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