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Health and Safety Poster Giveaway


We hope that our new series of Health and Safety poster givaways finds a home on your warehouse wall. We’ve tried to get some important safety messages across in an eye-catching way and make them available to you guys and gals. We will be adding new posters throughout the year so keep an eye on our eshots to collect new designs. Sign up here if you aren’t already on our send list. 

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You can either download the posters as a high resolution graphics file by filling in the form opposite or you can claim 5 x A3 prints when you order anything online. Simply make a note of the poster code below and add this to the Discount Code box in the Shopping Basket. 


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Ladder Inspection

The fork lift truck inspection pad enables an organisation to work through a duplicate checklist and carry out an inspection of their fork lift trucks ensuring that they are safe for use. The top copy of the checklist is be displayed on the truck to indicate its safety. The duplicate copy remains fast in the pad as evidence that the inspection has taken place in the event of an HSE investigation. Before every shift, the operator of the truck can simply work down the inspection checklist, checking the safety of each component in turn. This simple procedure helps you to comply with HSE guidance L117, Rider-Operated Lift Trucks, that recommends fork lifts are inspected before every shift as well as the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 commonly referred to as PUWER, that state that all work equipment provided to employees must be maintained and be safe to do the job for which it is intended. Once the inspection is complete, assuming safety has been established, the inspection certificate can be placed inside a safety status indicator on the truck ensuring that every employee can clearly see that the truck is safe for use. Failing trucks can be similarly identified but handed over for maintenance. The duplicate copy of the certificate remains inside the inspection pad and can be used as evidence of inspections should you ever need to produce this for the HSE or other official parties. Each pad allows you to perform 30 inspections on a piece of equipment.  


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