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Asset Management for Academies

Academy Asset Management.

Asset Management and the Academies Financial Handbook with AudIT

Academies have the freedom to make their own decisions and manage their own budgets. With this opportunity comes the responsibility to manage your own finances and assets. Just buying the right equipment to support your students is only the beginning. There are also the processes to support maintenance programmes, manage disposal, and plan purchasing decisions for the future.

Download the asset management white paper.

The Department of Education details mandatory requirements for academies in the Academies Financial Handbook. These include the requirements that an academy’s internal governance needs to have processes that address management and oversight of assets, the risk of fraud and theft and ensuring efficiency and value for money in the organisation’s activities.

AudIT is an easy to use asset management software solution that can ensure that your academy meets the DfES’s financial requirements. AudIT makes the process of managing a school inventory easy and provides accurate information about assets that can support decisions by Finance and IT departments and governing bodies. AudIT can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. We keep your data secure; making sure it will be available whenever you need it.

SG World offers an Asset Discovery Service to support academies looking to set AudIT up in their school. Our CRB checked engineers will come on site and do all of the work of creating a complete inventory and asset register for you – from barcoding and photographing, to entering the locations and associated data onto the system. We provide staff training and UK-based telephone and email Help Desk support to make sure you’re never at a loss for managing what you own.

"The academy trust must have in place sound internal control and risk management processes."

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