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Asset Management for Trusts, Foundations and Local Authorities

Trusts Asset Management.

Asset Management for multiple sites

Manage multiple sites with AudIT asset management software.

AudIT is a unique and scalable program which can be ideal for foundations, trusts, or local authorities looking to manage multiple schools or academies across many different locations. The internet-based software means that there’s no need for one centralised log-in – you can access AudIT anywhere to get the big picture for your entire group.

Keep Your Schools on The Same System

With AudIT you can set up a virtual representation of each school or academy which your organisation manages. You will be able to view as much – or as little – detail as you require for each school whenever you need it.

Set Different Access Levels For Multiple Users

AudIT lets you create up to 12 users out of the box. You can create a user account for each school or academy in your organisation and choose how much control over the system you allow them to have. You can limit what users can see and what changes they can make to AudIT, or set up an approval system to make sure all changes to AudIT are checked by a manager before making them live on the system.

Harness Group Purchasing Power

Know exactly what’s in all of your schools or academies when it comes time to make purchasing decisions. AudIT’s reporting functions mean you don’t have to operate blind. You can make informed decisions about equipment replacement or provisioning with up-to-date information instead of relying on reports or surveys that may be months or years out of date.

Pain-free Installation and Set Up

With SG World's complete Asset Discovery Service, installing a digital asset management system across multiple schools or academies in your group is as simple as a single phone call. Our CRB-checked engineers will populate your copy of AudIT with assets across as many sites as you need, leaving you with a completely populated system to help you start saving immediately.

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