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Easy to Use Asset Management Software

Easy Asset Management.

Asset Management using AudIT

AudIT was designed with schools and academies in mind – and we know that a busy school business manager isn’t going to want to learn an entirely new and esoteric system. We’ve worked with schools to design something that is powerful and user friendly.

Asset Management made easy

AudIT asset management software is icon based with a visual navigation. When you first set up AudIT, you will create a virtual layout of your school which you can then populate with the school or academy’s assets. There’s no tabbing through files or searching for print outs – to see what assets you have, you simply click on the building or room you would like to audit and view the assets contained inside.

Import data into Asset Management software

If you have been working off of computerised data, you can use it to populate your new asset management system. AudIT has a CSV data import function which lets you bring CSV files into the program. AudIT also has an export function which lets you examine your data in more detail on a desktop or outside of the program. AudIT also provides a merge function to allow you to add large amounts of data in bulk to existing assets on the system.

Download the asset management white paper.

Easy Reporting Functions

Once your new school asset management solution is set up, you can report on any data that has been put into the system. You can customise your reports to help with procurement, insurance valuations, life cycle management or a range of other functions designed to make your asset management processes run smoothly.

Set Access Limits and Controls for Multiple Users

AudIT asset management software is a multi-user system. The software allows you to set up 12 users who can access the system. These can be individuals, such as your school business manager or head teacher, or they can be entire departments.

You are able to set different levels of access for your users. AudIT can be configured to allow different levels of users and determine just who can add, remove or edit the assets in your software.

Asset Discovery Service and Helpdesk Services

SG World provides an asset discovery service and an annual asset audit service which can help your school or academy get started with a digital asset management system with a minimum of effort. Use of AudIT includes a UK-based helpdesk service to ensure you are getting the most out of your asset management solution.

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