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Frequently Asked Questions About Asset Management Systems

Is the software installed on the school’s network or hosted?

AudIT is a cloud based system, which is hosted at a major UK hosting centre.

How do I access AudIT?

AudIT is accessed through your web browser and is a cloud based system. Data is hosted at a secure UK hosting centre.

Can my school have multiple users of the asset management software?

AudIT provides a permission based multi user system. This allows you to restrict access on a need to know basis.


How many users can I have on AudIT?

Every AudIT account provides 12 users.  Each user can have highly refined access rights to ensure they only have access to what is needed on the system.


Will my disposal history be detailed and recorded?

AudIT provides a comprehensive disposal rights and audit trail. Schools benefit from a three stage disposal process and customisable disposal reporting.

Does AudIT capture an audit trail?

AudIT allows a school to quickly trace an asset’s historical movement.

Can photos and documents be added to the software?

AudIT allows you to attach photos against rooms and assets. This will help to provide proof of ownership for insurance purposes.

Why should I add photos and documents into AudIT?

Adding photos and documents to AudIT allows schools to keep important information associated with the assets on the system.  These also provide excellent supporting information in the event of an insurance claim.

Can I import my existing data from spreadsheets?

AudIT includes a CSV Data importer exporter. This allows you to import your existing asset records from Excel.

Can I create my own reports?

AudIT allows users to report on any data behind assets, producing accurate forecasts and schedules.

What kind of data is contained behind assets?

The data contained behind assets can be as extensive as necessary. Asset fields include data such as purchase dates, costs, subscription and warranty information, replacement dates, leasing information, serial numbers, sub- assets, etc.

Does AudIT calculate depreciation?

AudIT provides an easy to use depreciation module, which automatically calculates depreciation against individual assets and asset categories. Schools can create their own asset categories and standards for depreciation.

Can AudIT be used to manage multiple schools or academies?

AudIT can be used with the Account Manager module to view and manage multiple academies. This module is ideal for trusts and foundations.

Does AudIT work with mobile phones?

AudIT works with iPhones, Smart Phones, Windows Phones, iPads and Tablets.

How does AudIT differ between the mobile and desktop versions?

AudIT desktop provides a central system to store extensive asset information and view a virtual representation of the school.  AudIT desktop is the ideal environment to produce detailed reports and refined searches, as well as adding large numbers of assets in bulk. AudIT mobile is an essential tool that provides schools with a quick and easy way to conduct site audits, track movements as well as scanning serial numbers and asset numbers from barcodes.

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