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Asset Management Software

Save Time and Money With Asset Management.

Financial benefits of Asset Management


How much can you save with AudIT?.

Save on equipment purchases.  Save on insurance premiums with an asset management solution.   Save on software licensing with an asset management system.  Save time with asset management software.

A powerful, yet easy to use asset management software solution like AudIT can have big financial benefits for schools and academies – making sure your budget is used for providing pupils with an excellent education, not paying for excess overhead. Knowing exactly what is in your school inventory can help your school business manager or finance manager create up-to-date reports on the value of items in the school or academy at the click of a button for use in budgets, insurance claims, or planning for equipment replacement.

  • An asset management solution can help reduce your insurance premiums by making sure you don’t overpay on the value of the items you own.
  • Asset management software can help your school or academy accurately budget for procurement of equipment
  • An asset management system can help get the most value for money by managing the life cycle of your school or academy’s life cycle.

Did you know that salary for a fulltime ICT technician can range from £15,000 – £24,000? You might be spending that money more effectively, like St Paul’s Academy. They said: “Without the software I would require another ICT technician to look after tasks such as asset reporting and general inventory audits. The solution really does provide the Academy with substantial cost savings; the cost of a member of staff to be correct."

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