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Full Software License Management Suite

Asset Management Reporting.

Manage And Effectively Track Your School’s Digital Assets With AudIT Asset Management Software

Our customers have seen a 50% return on investment with AudIT

Discovering and managing all of the software on every computer on your network would be an almost impossible manual task, but AudIT provides the solution with a full software asset management suite.

With the AudIT Software Asset Management module, you can monitor your license compliance to ensure that your school isn’t overusing software in violation of the terms of its licensing, or spending too much by paying for underused or unused software.

Testimonial from Bath Spa University.

The license manager lets you manage the software your school had paid for by tracking copies across your network. With AudIT you can manage bundled software licenses, for software suites like Adobe or Microsoft Office. You define the type of license in AudIT and it can alert you if your school or academy’s actual use exceeds what you have paid for.

The software asset module has an e-Safety component that can alert your network administrator when software is installed offsite or other changes are made to school property. The e-Safety tool is a good way to ensure your staff and pupils are using the internet in a safe and appropriate way.

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