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What does documenting a risk assessment entail?

Documenting a risk assessment means to write down the risk assessment and store...

Tags: health risk-assessment safety

What printing processes are available in the production of personalised lanyards?

Personalised lanyards are produced by dye sublimation or screen printing process...

Tags: accessories customisation lanyard

What is a Contractor Authorisation to Work system?

A Contractor Authorisation to Work system is a journal, register and slips which...

Tags: authorisation-to-work contractor hse

How long should each Contractor Authorisation to Work pass be valid for?

The HSE recommends each Contractor Authorisation to Work pass be valid for only...

Tags: authorisation-to-work contractor contractor-pass

What high risk activities identified by the HSE are covered by SG World’s Contractor Permit to Work system?

SG World offers Contractor Permit to Work systems for the following activities i...

Tags: contractor hse permits-to-work

What information should be recorded every day on my Contractor Authorisation to Work register?

At the end of the day, regardless of whether your contractor has completed his w...

Tags: authorisation-to-work contractor

Is a Permit to Work a legally required document?

No, a Permit to Work is not legally required, but it is considered best practice...

Tags: permits-to-work

What are the sections of the SG World Permit to Work system?

The sections of the SG World Permit to Work system are: details of the job the c...

Tags: contractor-management health permit-to-work risk-assessment safety

How many copies do I need of a permit to work and where should they be stored?

The HSE recommends you should have three copies of a permit to work, each stored...

Tags: best-practice contractor-management health hse permit-to-work safety

What the benefits of SG World’s Contractor Authorisation to Work system?

The benefits of SG World's Contractor Authorisation to Work system include: -&n...

Tags: authorisation-to-work contractors

What brochures can I order?

You can order brochures which cover our entire range of products including: Busi...

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