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What are the benefits of using SG World’s Incident Reporting system?

Schools can benefit from using our Incident Reporting system because it allows s...

Tags: education incident-reporting school-reporting

What are the benefits of recording the location of a pupil’s bump or bruise on an Incident Reporting System?

By recording with an Incident Reporting System where a pupil has suffered a...

Tags: education incident-reporting school-reporting

Do schools legally need to report to the HSE if a pupil has been hospitalised following an incident at school?

Yes, if a student is hospitalised resulting from an incident at school under the...

Tags: health incident-reporting riddor safety school-reporting

What is an F2508 form?

An F2508 form is a form schools are legally required to fill out and return to t...

Tags: education health incident-reporting riddor safety school-reporting

Where is a key control system most effective?

The SG World Key Control system is effective in any organisation which has many...

Tags: asset-management school-reporting

What types of different visitor badges can Vis-IT Ed produce?

Vis-IT Ed can produce visitor badges on paper, using plastic ID cards, or using...

Tags: it software technology visited

Is AudIT asset management software installed on my school’s network or hosted off-site?

AudIT is a cloud based system, which is hosted at a major UK hosting centre. The...

Tags: asset management software audit

How do I access AudIT?

AudIT is accessed through your web browser and is a cloud based system. Data is...

Tags: asset management software audit

Can my school have multiple users of the asset management software?

AudIT provides a permission based multi user system. This allows you to restrict...

Tags: asset management software audit

How many users can I have on AudIT?

Every AudIT account provides 12 users. Each user can have highly refined access...

Tags: asset management audit

Will AudIT detail and record my asset disposal history?

AudIT provides a comprehensive disposal rights and audit trail. Schools benefit...

Tags: asset management audit

Does AudIT capture an asset audit trail?

Yes, AudIT allows a school to quickly trace an asset’s historical movement...

Tags: asset management audit

Can you add photos and documents to AudIT asset management software?

Yes, AudIT allows you to attach photos against rooms and assets. This will help...

Tags: asset management audit

Why should I add photos and documents into AudIT?

Adding photos and documents to AudIT allows schools to keep important informatio...

Tags: asset management audit

Can I import my existing data from spreadsheets into AudIT?

Yes, AudIT includes a CSV Data importer exporter. This allows you to import your...

Tags: asset management audit

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