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What are the fundamental parts of asset management?

The fundamental parts of asset management are what you have, where it is, and wh...

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What is the minimum number of paper visitor passes I can purchase with an SG World visitor management software solution?

The minimum purchase for paper visitor passes is 1000 for any SG World visitor m...

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What types of different visitor badges can Vis-IT Ed produce?

Vis-IT Ed can produce visitor badges on paper, using plastic ID cards, or using...

Tags: it software technology visited

What are the advantages of an electronic visitor management system?

The advantages of using an electronic visitor management system include the ease...

Tags: it software visit visitormanagement visitors

How do electronic visitor management systems create a fire register or emergency fire report?

Our electronic visitor management solutions, including Vis-IT One, Vis-IT Two an...

Tags: electronics it software visitormanagement

How can SG World help me manage and track my assets?

SG World can help you track and manage your assets with Aud-IT, our asset manage...

Tags: assetmanagement audit it software technology

What hand-held devices can be used with Aud-IT to track and manage my assets?

You can use Apple and Android internet-enabled devices with Aud-IT to track and...

Tags: assetmanagement audit it software

How can AudIT help me save money?

Aud-IT can help you save money by ensuring that you are not buying items that yo...

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How does AudIT tag and identify assets?

SG World tags assets for management with Aud-IT using a barcode label or RFID ta...

Tags: assetmanagement audit it software

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