Disposing of Old Computer Hardware

Your asset management software can manage asset disposal as part of your accounts ledger but how do you physically dispose of old IT equipment in a cost-effective, environmentally responsible way?

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Beth Cann Wins Employee of the Month for February 2020!

Beth has won the award several times now, the first time in June 2017 and the second time in 2018, when she won SG World Apprentice of the Year. It’s therefore clear to see just what an impact Beth’s work has on her department and the company as a whole.

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MEWP Safety

Guide on when use a MEWP, how to safely operate it and how to carry out a pre-use safety inspection.

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Forklift Safety - Everyone is Accountable, Management Dos and Don’ts

Safety is a collective responsibility, leadership must come from managers and supervisors who should be aware of what’s expected of themselves, as well as colleagues, to minimise the risk of accidents. When it comes to fork lift safety, the HSE makes it very clear that ultimate responsibility sits squarely on management’s shoulders. 

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Does your school practice safe Working at Height?

Health & Safety Executive statistics showed that falls from height continue to be the most prevalent workplace killer in 2018. In 2019 the HSE issued costly penalties for severe injuries on school sites caused by dangerous working at height. 

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The Myth: Digital vs Print

Biomass and forest

SG World offers solutions which help businesses and schools stay safe, compliant and productive. Some of these solutions are paper-based and some are digital because we believe in giving the customer a complete choice.
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Audits, Assets and Alpacas

Shaun, Ryan, Stan and Jatinder are all part of the SG World team of asset audit engineers. These guys are always on the go but we managed to get them to sit down long enough to ask them some questions about performing school audits.

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