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Andrew Quate Wins Employee of the Month for February 2017!

Congratulations to Andrew Quate, the winner of SG World’s Employee of the Month initiative for February 2017!

Although Andrew is a relatively new member of the SG World team, he’s made such a positive start to his career with us that people from all parts of the company have taken the time to let us know what a good job he’s been doing. There were many specific things commented on; the time he will take to make sure you are happy with the work he’s done, the genuine care he has for his colleagues, the patience he shows in dealing with people but perhaps the reason for his win this month is best summed up by “Andrew is extremely helpful, he never complains and does everything with a smile”.

A very modest Andrew told us: “I don’t think I did anything out of the ordinary – I just like to treat everyone well and how I’d like to be treated myself. I have to say though, it was daunting pulling into my VIP parking space next to CEO Mark Haase on my first morning of winning Employee of the Month… but I think I did OK!!”

Andrew, who is from Canada, also celebrated his British Day in November last year, when he had officially lived in the UK for longer than he did in Canada. SG World staff helped him celebrate his milestone by whipping up some brilliantly comical posters of Andrew in some very British scenarios. The posters can still be viewed on our Facebook page and are sure to make you giggle.

Andrew, your SG World colleagues would all like to wish you congratulations and a huge well done!

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