Andrew Quate wins Employee of the Year for 2017-18!

Congratulations to Andrew Quate, the first winner of SG World’s Employee of the Year award!

Employee of the Year is the concluding award of the Employee of the Month initiative, which sees the winners of the monthly award shortlisted for this annual prize. Andrew was one of our first Employee of the Month winners back in February 2017, with people from all areas of the company nominating him and explaining what an excellent job he’s been doing since he joined SG World. Andrew has consistently been nominated again throughout the year, making the Management Team unanimous in its decision to name him Employee of the Year.

While Andrew (Infrastructure Engineer) hasn’t been with SG World for a huge amount of time, he has played a key part in the transformation of the IT department, allowing his team to assist their colleagues and the business to achieve improved performance and customer satisfaction. IT has a hand in making sure that every person in the office and out on the road has a working environment that allows them to do their jobs with maximum efficiency; this is something most of us don’t think about very often, but when it works well it is a sure sign that Andrew’s job behind the scenes is being expertly done.

Andrew Quate and Mark Haase

There have been many other things that people have commented on when nominating Andrew since Employee of the Month was launched: the time he takes to make sure his colleagues are happy with his work, the genuine care he has for his colleagues and the patience that he shows when dealing with people. However as one voter said, and which probably describes Andrew and summarises him best, is: “Andrew is extremely helpful, he never complains and does everything with a smile.”

A very modest Andrew told our Employee Awards roving reporter: “I was genuinely shocked when I won the award because all the other Employee of the Month winners are amazing. To even be considered is a huge honour. I’ve won some shopping vouchers which will come in very handy, a very impressive trophy and – the best one – Mark Haase’s car parking space for a year! I didn’t park in my new space straight away but Mark insisted I use it immediately, which was lovely. The only problem is that I need to make sure my car is super clean all the time, as everyone can see it now!”

Andrew was very surprised when he won Employee of the Year, because to him he is ‘just doing his job’. The standard has he has set himself is with SG World’s values of ‘do the right thing’, ‘do it the right way’, ‘be the best you can be’ and ‘be fresh’ at heart of what he does and how he does it.

Mark Haase, SG World CEO, said: “In our organisation, upholding our values as well as demonstrating capability in the role are measures of our people’s ability to work effectively and efficiently, as well as with each other. Andrew is a wonderful example of this, and it’s no surprise that he was unanimously voted as Employee of the Year.”

Congratulations Andrew – you really deserve it!

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