Gary Hopkins Wins Employee of the Month for September 2019!

Congratulations Gary Hopkins, Delivery Driver for The Printing House, who has won Employee of the Month for September 2019!

Gary has been a member of the SG World and The Printing House team since 2005. In that time he has become really well known amongst his friends, colleagues and the wider business for his attitude of helping in any way that he can, as well as his wonderfully friendly nature.

Gary’s role is Delivery Driver but he does so much more than that. He helps out in any way that he can, without questioning whether it is part of his job; instead he simply wants to get the job done. His attitude is ‘if it needs doing and I can do it, then I’ll do it’.

One of Gary’s nominations summed him up perfectly: “People sometimes ask Gary why he does all this, and his response is always the same; ‘It’s my job to help and I love my job’. He is a very loyal, hardworking, conscientious employee, with a great wealth of knowledge and experience’’.

When he’s not being a superhero employee, Gary can be found indulging in his love of martial arts. Don’t worry about getting on his wrong side though – when asking Gary’s friends and colleagues to tell us a bit more about him, they all said what a nice person he is. He is also reported to be a perfect husband who does all the cooking for wife Jeannette (who is also a previous winner of Employee of the Month).

Congratulations Gary – you really deserve it!

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