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Mark Richardson Wins Employee of the Month for August 2018!

Congratulations Mark Richardson, Forms Print Team Leader, who has won Employee of the Month for August 2018!

Mark has been a member of the SG World family for 30 years, which is a sterling achievement for a number of reasons. Firstly, he doesn’t look old enough. Secondly, his fantastic accomplishments don’t just cover this month, they stretch far and wide over the 30 years since he joined the company.

Since becoming a member of the team, Mark has voluntarily sat on the Health & Safety committee, audits our security cheque waste for ISMS and manages our print consumables. This is all alongside his day-to-day job role of managing his SG World’s forms printing team. Phew!

Mark Richardson - body image - word press

However, it was Mark taking on an additional, crucial responsibility that was a particular reason for him being this month’s Employee of the Month winner. In August, he managed the servicing of our 2 and 4 colour Speedmasters; two pieces of hi-tech, innovative machinery which our business relies heavily upon to create the outstanding products that we are renowned for. Not only did the servicing go well under Mark’s care, but the job was done with the least disruption possible.

This was all whilst doing his own day-to-day job as Forms Print Team Leader. This sees him managing his team on the forms print machinery, as well as helping on our Digital Press Printer.

It’s Mark’s approach of going above and beyond by volunteering coupled with how fantastically well he does his day-to-day job – that makes him a perfect winner.

As colleagues will no doubt be aware, the Employee of the Month prizes include a shopping voucher and a car parking space in the Director’s section of the car park. Something tells us that Mark, a car fanatic who is currently restoring one – will particularly enjoy using his prize!

Congratulations Mark – you really deserve it!

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