Mike Wheatley Wins Employee of the Month for January 2020!

Congratulations Mike Wheatley, Sales Executive, on being our latest winner of Employee of the Month for January 2020!

Mike is a well-thought-of member of our sales team and has looked after our customers for a number of years. He’s well known for his patient and warm personality, as well as his fantastic industry and product knowledge, which we’re sure our customers appreciate just as much as us.

Mike often goes above and beyond for his customers, but this month he won the award because he showed just how far he’s willing to go for them.

One of Mike’s customers had organised a training day for several colleagues from across the UK, which incorporated some SG World products. During a National Sales Meeting at our Head Office, Mike learnt that the courier had lost the delivery, meaning they were missing some important material.

Now you could argue that this wasn’t our fault (as lots of businesses would), but not Mike. Instead he decided the best way to rectify this was to get some more of the products produced with the help of the SG World team, jump into his car and take it to the customer himself. He didn’t do this because it was a benefit to him, he did it because it was the right thing to do for the customer and his colleagues.

Mike showed that SG World and his customers come first, that he always wants to do the right thing and live by our core values.

As everyone at SG World will know, it’s not only his work ethic that Mike is known for, but his consistently coiffed hair and being, without doubt, the best dressed guy at SG World. Our customers should definitely consider booking an appointment with him and they will see for themselves why he deserves ‘Best Dressed’ award at SG World too!

Well done Mike – you really deserve it!

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