New Pre-Use Inspection Products Targeted at Waste and Recycling

SG World have expanded their range of pre-use safety inspection products to include a host of new waste and recycling equipment including balers, compactors and mobile screens. Waste and recycling is one of the UK's most dangerous business areas where employees work with heavy, industrial machinery. This equipment is very specialised and potentially hazardous so a tailored checklist is a huge help to operators completing their pre-use safety checks.

SG World’s innovative design means the operator fills in the pre-use safety inspection information once and a duplicate copy is automatically created. That’s one copy to stay with the equipment and one which stays in the cheque book format pad as a central record. The checklist incorporates a distinct green or red pass/fail notice which displays in a hi-vis yellow plastic wallet so you can see at a glance whether the equipment is safe to use. All of the inspection range can be customised with a company logo or branding and even amended for specific equipment and processes.

Introducing the product launch, Pete Harrison, SG World Design and Marketing Manager said “Over 52 million UK forklift inspections have been carried out using our pre-use safety inspection solution so we are delighted to bring this winning formula to a whole new range of equipment. Customers can check out the full range, order online by clicking here and, depending on volume, belt and brace their pre-use inspection safety checks for a few pence per inspection.”

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