Paper is Unique – it’s Sustainable Too

SG World have a long history in paper solutions that help companies be productive and safe. Our portfolio also includes electronic solutions but we’re still advocates of the humble paper product – one reason being its unique sustainability.

On the face of it, using paper solutions doesn’t sound like the most environmentally friendly way to do things. However, when delving into the myriad of myths surrounding paper and sorting these from the facts, the results are surprising.

Paper – the carbon buster

Did you know that, as a wood product, paper continues to store carbon throughout its lifetime after its origin as a tree? Paper is also a natural and renewable material (unlike many others) with European forests growing by an area the size of Switzerland from 2005 – 2015. Young trees absorb lots of CO2 as they grow, making new forests a great way of reducing carbon in the atmosphere.

European forests are growing

Great news – European forests are growing by over 1,500 football pitches every day. Thanks to trees being harvested and grown in carefully controlled ways, areas of forest in the EU have grown rapidly over the years.

Planted forests are great too

You’d naturally assume that a planted forest takes ages to grow and get to the size of a natural forest, but did you know that planted forests can be more productive and grow faster than natural ones? It’s down to planted forests being grown and controlled carefully in ways that actually speed up the growth process.

Not only that but planted forests are not replacing natural ones – a fact we were only too pleased to hear.

Digital is great – and so is paper

The ‘Go Green’ message of the 21st Century gives the impression that electronic communications are more environmentally friendly than paper-based ones. However, when looking at the full lifetime of both mediums, the results speak for themselves.

While paper is renewable and sustainable – with forests growing by the size of Switzerland in 10 years – electricity is having an increased impact on the environment. The Information Communications and Technology industry accounts for 2.5-3% of global greenhouse gas emissions, expected to rise to 14% by 2040.

The bottom line…

SG World are strong advocates of the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ message – using paper sourced from managed forests approved by the Forest Stewardship Council and our paper suppliers having the Nordic Swan Accreditation. However, we also like to ensure that our customers have a clear idea of the impact on both the paper and electronic solutions that they purchase from us – allowing them to make buying decisions in line with their own environmental values.

Thanks to Two Sides for their brilliant site on paper myths and facts – read their fascinating site for more information.

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