Patrick Ashe Wins Employee of the Month November 2017!

Congratulations to Patrick Ashe, who has won the November Employee of the Month Award!

Patrick, known as Paddy by most of his colleagues and friends here at SG World, has been a part of the family since 2010. In that time he has become one of our best-known Sales Executives.

Paddy is, of course, a fantastic Sales Executive who is focussed on helping school business managers make a difference to the protection of their schools and budgets. He also consistently over achieves his targets and has won many sales awards that reflect both his hard work and the quality of service he delivers to SG World’s customers.

Paddy Ashe

There is however more to Paddy than the unrivalled support that he provides to his customers on a daily basis. For example, Paddy recently went out of his way to help the Marketing team at a number of our November exhibitions and events, being the first to volunteer to assist. He arrived early, stayed late and represented SG World impeccably. This was all whilst providing his customers with his usual level of excellent service and meeting his daily aims and objectives, thanks to Paddy’s careful and detailed planning.

Paddy also assisted delegates at our trade shows who fell outside of his specialism, proactively taking the time to carefully listen to and understand their needs; he was able to help them due to his desire to reflect the customer centric values of SG World. This is typical of Paddy, whose attitude isn’t to just do what is asked of him but to be an ambassador of the overall business. As such, Paddy puts in the hours, effort and care needed to ensure that no customer is left behind and that all his colleagues are well supported.  Paddy’s outlook reflects the embodiment of our values of Do the right thing, Do it the right way, Be fresh and Be the best you can be. Go Paddy!

Paddy’s friends here at SG World – as well as his customers – would describe Paddy as very friendly, really outgoing and genuinely interested and caring towards everyone around him. Everyone at SG World’s head office knows when Paddy has entered the building and they’re always pleased to see him! Paddy also married his significant other Sally this year, and something tells us his speech was probably a laugh a minute. We bet he didn’t even need a microphone to be heard across the room! Only joking, Paddy!

Congratulations again Paddy – you deserve it!

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