Rachelle Walsh Wins Employee of the Month March 2017!

We are delighted to announce that Rachelle Walsh is our latest winner of SG World’s Employee of the Month initiative, for March 2017!

Rachelle, who is based in our Dublin office, is the first colleague to scoop the award and not be based in our Crewe Head Quarters. She therefore might find it a little difficult to make the most of one of the Employee of the Month prizes, which is a VIP parking space in the Crewe Head Office car park!

Having been part of the SG World family for almost 18 years, Rachelle is well known across the business for the quality of work that she produces, despite not being based at Head Office. Her official job title is Creative Designer, which means that any SG World document which has artistic flair or the company logo has probably had the magic touch from Rachelle.

Rachelle Walsh

 She was nominated this month for taking on projects that, in normal circumstances, would have taken weeks to complete but getting them done in days or even hours – to a standard that does her and the company great credit. Rachelle epitomises what Employee of the Month is all about; her attitude and work ethic is some of the very best that you’ll ever see.

A very modest Rachelle told us: “Thank you so much for this award and all the lovely emails that my colleagues have sent to me.  I love my job and enjoy being able to help out wherever I can.”

Introduced in January 2017, SG World’s Employee of the Month scheme has now seen SG World staff recognise 3 of  their colleagues who make a difference to them, our customers and the overall business every day and who deserved a big pat on the back. When a “thank you” just doesn’t seem enough, Employee of the Month is there to recognise those staff who have gone beyond the call of duty. It might be the person who makes a tight deadline or deals with moving goalposts, but still delivers. Or maybe it’s the person working quietly away in the background, being a silent SG World hero.

Rachelle, we all send you a big group hug (probably over cyber-space) and thank you for all of your hard work and fantastic work ethic. You truly deserve it!

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