Robbie Ransley wins Employee of the Month for May 2018!

Congratulations Robbie Ransley, our latest winner of Employee of the Month for May 2018!

Robbie is a member of the IT team and is one of SG World’s apprentices, currently completing his Level 4 Diploma in ICT Competence for IT Professionals. He began his journey with SG World 3 years ago and his attitude, knowledge and maturity has become well known across the business in that time.

Robbie’s day-to-day role sees him assist with SG World’s IT infrastructure as well as helping his colleagues with IT equipment across the business. Robbie helps hardware and software across Head Office run smoothly, whether installing video calling for a corporate meeting, fixing PC issues for a colleague or undertaking IT inventory management using SG World’s AudIT Asset Management – to name a few.

Robbie - Word Press

This month, Robbie also assisted SG World’s recently acquired organisation The Printing House with transitioning their IT systems. To someone who doesn’t work in IT, this sounds simple enough; however it was a large and potentially complex task that had the risk of becoming problematic. Robbie helped the move go without a hitch, meaning that his colleagues from The Printing House had working PCs in the quickest time possible and minimum disruption to work time.

If that wasn’t enough, Robbie consistently supports his colleagues with a level of calmness, politeness and professionalism that gives the whole business confidence in him. This has resulted in Robbie not only doing an excellent job, but also being welcomed by his colleagues wherever he goes.

Robbie naturally works by SG World’s values of ‘Do the right thing’, ‘Do it the right way’, ‘Be the best you can be’ and ‘Be fresh’ – especially ‘Do the right thing’ and ‘Do it the right way’.

Robbie is well-known for not asking his colleagues if they’ve ‘tried switching it off and back on again’ – even better he’s the company bowtie wearer which he pulls off brilliantly. Fortunately for us, he agreed to wear it for his Employee of the Month photo!

Robbie, congratulations – you really deserve it and keep wearing that bowtie!

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