SG World Help to Keep Vote Count Covered for Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

Councils in the North West are managing the vote count for this week’s Police and Crime Commissioner Elections using SG World’s specialist ElectIT event management software for vote count attendance.

Crewe-based SG World, a leading supplier in health and safety and visitor management solutions to companies across the UK, is helping Manchester City and Halton Borough Councils to manage attendance at their vote count from start to finish on 15 November, and will be providing live support to South Kendall Council in the Lake District.

ldquo;We’re pleased to be again helping councils to ensure that staff and authorised participants are clearly identified and controlled during this important exercise in democracy,” Adam Casey, Head of Operations for SGWIT, SG World’s electronics division, said. “ElectIT provides councils with a scalable product that makes managing the vote count for an election pain-free no matter what size.”

Manchester City Council, which has worked with SG World for elections in the past two years will be holding the largest vote count in the North. During the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections they will also be counting votes from Bolton and Stockport. Multiple elections officials from different councils will be on site, making effective identification and entry control key to safeguarding the results of the election and ensuring there are no disruptions during the vote counting by unregistered visitors.

At Halton Borough Council, work with SG World began well before the election. SG World created and posted instruction letters and identification wristbands to the Returning Officers and other designated participants, to manage the traffic ahead of arrival on-site. Authorised entrants to the vote count will simply show their wristband to security staff at the venue, have it scanned and have their entry authorised using a simple “red light-green light” traffic system. ElectIT’s real-time attendee exit and re-entry tracking means that a participant’s wristband cannot be re-scanned once they have been checked in to the venue, ensuring that only approved persons will have access to the vote count.

South Lakeland Council, which is providing its own IT infrastructure, and managing the count on their own, is also taking advantage of SG World’s pre-event service to have their returning officers notified and provided with identification ahead of the vote count. A scalable solution, ElectIT and its associated services can provide as much, or as little, support as a Council might need, and to fit most levels of events management budget. SG World electronic specialists were on hand to train Council staff on ElectIT earlier this month and will be providing telephone support throughout the count.

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