10 Reasons Why You Need a Visitor Management System

 10 Reasons for Visitor Management

Visitor Management is defined as the practice of welcoming, identifying and tracking guests at worksites, schools or other facilities. Whatever system suits you, there’s some compelling reasons why you need to know who’s in your building at any one time. 

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Which one of these girls is 'legless'?

Legless Girls

Look at this picture closely and a pair of legs seems to have gone missing. Optical illusions like this really mess with our perception. How does a H&S manager deal with perceived risks?

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Health & Safety Processes to Impress the Insurers

It’s nice when the annual insurance review passes without hitch. It’s even nicer when you get some really positive feedback on new safety measures. Business insurers, Thomas Carroll, were quick to praise Eurobond’s recent implementation of SG World’s Health & Safety solutions. 
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Nifco Case Study: Making an Unmanned Reception Work for You

Some of us may prefer to be greeted by a ‘real person’ when walking through the doors of an organisation but this isn’t always practical. Many companies, like Nifco UK - a manufacturer of plastic automotive components - operate an unmanned reception and the effectiveness of this is all down to the processes and systems implemented by the organisation.

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FFI Appeal Process Challenged

Health & Safety at Work have reported that the Fee for Intervention (FFI) appeal process is under challenge. Facilities management company OCS Group has been granted a first hearing over the way the HSE handles FFI appeals, alleging that the regulator is in breach of “natural justice”.

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