Vicki Kitchen Wins Employee of the Month for October 2017!

Congratulations to Vicki Kitchen, who has won Employee of the Month for October 2017!

The fantastic news was announced on Halloween, however everyone at SG World is in agreement that there are no tricks, just treats, where our fantastic PA to CEO is concerned!

As many will imagine, Vicki’s role is fast-paced, busy and challenging at the best of times. Her work is at the centre of ensuring that much of what happens in our company takes place smoothly, efficiently and without a glitch. However despite having this large level of responsibility, there is so much more to our ever smiling, professional and good-humoured PA.

Vicki Kitchen

Vicki recently helped to organise our European trade show attendance, a huge undertaking in itself in addition to her day-to-day responsibilities. She arranged flights, hardware, paper work, more flights… the list goes on! If that wasn’t enough, she also supported the leadership team in our recent acquisition of The Printing House, doing a fantastic job in the planning and support of this big task. The list doesn’t end there… She also organised the Platinum Club lunch and ISMS review. Phew!

Already being extremely well-regarded by many of her colleagues as a close friend and confidant, Vicki is there for her colleagues and friends not just for career and work advice, but for personal support too – at the times when they need support the most.

Back in September, Vicki absolutely smashed Tough Mudder 2017 with her colleagues and friends. Tough Mudder is a 10-mile obstacle involving heights, freezing water and utter terror! A little bird tells us that she was a little nervous beforehand, but in true Vicki style, she laughed, smiled and encouraged her team mates throughout the duration of the course. You rock, Vicki!

It goes without saying that Vicki naturally lives and works by our company values of Do the right thing, Do it the right way, Be fresh and Be the best you can be. She’s an inspiration to everyone who wants to live by our values even further.

Congratulations Vicki – we’re thrilled for you!

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