Mark Haase Blasts Kielder Training Camp!


Held at Kielder Water Forest and Park on 1st-4th February 2019, the Camp is a challenging, inspirational and variable running weekend for all levels of ability with professional training, hints and tips on how to keep fit or improve your 10k or marathon time.

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Case Study : Chapman Scaffolding Pre-Use Scaffolding Safety Inspection

Chapman Scaffolding Ltd provides a comprehensive service in Manchester and its surrounding areas. Their services include scaffolding hire and erection, tubular scaffolding, CAD drawing services and scaffolding inspection. At Chapman’s, safe working practices are an integral part of the business

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Jeanette Hopkins Wins Employee of the Month November 2018!

Jeanette joined The Printing House in 2002, quickly becoming an integral part of the company thanks to her patient, calm and helpful work ethic. Over time, Jeanette’s wisdom of the TPH business and her customer’s work meant that she became just as well known for her skill set as for her lovely demeanour.

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10 Reasons Why You Need a Visitor Management System

 10 Reasons for Visitor Management

Visitor Management is defined as the practice of welcoming, identifying and tracking guests at worksites, schools or other facilities. Whatever system suits you, there’s some compelling reasons why you need to know who’s in your building at any one time. 

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Case Study : Genie UK Pre-Use MHE Safety Inspection

Every month nearly 120,000 MHE pre-shift safety checks are carried out using SG World’s inspection checklist solutions. Our products already play their part in keeping MHE such as forklifts, pallet trucks and pickers safe and sound throughout their whole working life. 

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