Health and Safety at the Olympics

The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are virtually upon us and soon all eyes will be on the UK. With the vast numbers of people due to arrive in the capital, health and safety issues are inevitably at the top of many people's concerns. So as Olympic fever takes over, how does the Health and Safety record look so far?


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Case Study: Rakegate Primary Electronic Visitor Management

“I would never go back to a paper based system, this works well for us and we’ve had positive feedback from our Local Authority inspector. We also appreciate VisIT ED puts us in a good position to fulfil our safeguarding obligations with Ofsted by identifying people on the school premises”

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Case Study: Mount Pellon School, Halifax - Contractor Control

Mount Pellon had grown quite quickly, and they were using a basic sign-in book in reception, which was beginning to be overwhelmed as they could have over 40 visitors through the office in a single day. In addition, their ability to clearly identify one-time or repeat visitors was not necessarily up to the standard the reception team would have liked.
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British Businesses Cut Health and Safety Budgets

A survey carried out by the Safety and Health Practitioner website has shown that British businesses have reported cuts to their Health and Safety budgets of between 15 – 65%. The authors, Bernie Catterall, Nigel Heaton and Claire Williams, explain that this is thought...

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