Permits to Work are essential for high-risk tasks and unusual situations where there's a potential for serious injury beyond normal safeguards. They specify the work and precautions needed, ensuring all hazards are accounted for.

SG World's Permits to Work align with HSE best practices, aiding in hazard identification, risk control, and record-keeping. Our template-based forms streamline the permit issuance process with checklist guidance, reducing paperwork through carbon triplicate design. The reverse side serves as an A4 warning sign during work.

From hot work to confined spaces, our permits cover various tasks, enhancing safety, compliance, and efficiency. Our cloud-based 5D software provides online permit design, completion, tracking, and recording capabilities, alongside an integrated booking-in tool and contractor database.

Permits to Work

Permit-to-Work Wallet

Permit-to-Work Wallet

Keep your permits to work secure and undamaged on-site with this waterproof plastic permit to work wallet.

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