Safety Mats

Our practical, hardwearing safety mat range helps you keep your company compliant and your workforce safe. A well-positioned safety mat is an excellent way to highlight potential dangers to workers and visitors when entering specific areas. With bold graphics, our mats effectively communicate important safety messages regarding specific hazards such as forklifts, wet floors, and ESD (electrostatic discharge) risks.

Beyond safety messaging, these mats also play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness by trapping dirt, dust, and water. This keeps floors cleaner and creates a barrier between different areas of the workplace. Our safety mats feature a slip-resistant Nitrile rubber backing and durable pile fibers, ensuring they withstand heavy use and have a long lifespan. When used alongside traditional safety signage, our safety mats bring safety awareness right to people’s feet, making them an integral part of your workplace safety strategy.

For more information on our range of safety mats and customization options, contact us today.

Safety Mats

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