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How can the Customised Nursery Safeguarding Kit help your Nursery?

The Customised Nursery Safeguarding Kit is everything you need to safeguard your nursery in one handy kit with items personalised with your own nursery logo!

At SG World we have taken our experience in school safeguarding solutions to create a budget friendly kit designed specifically for the unique requirements of nurseries and preschools.

The Nursery Safeguarding Kit contains visitor management, incident reporting, staff identification and school trip safety solutions - all personalised to suit the nursery environment. And at just £297 for products and personalisation, it's at a price that suits your budget no matter what the size of your nursery or preschool.

Each Nursery Safeguarding Kit contains:

  • 250 Nursery visitor ID passes which incorporate important health and safety information and an emergency evacuation register.
  • 20 woven lanyards (5 red, 15 blue) with a plastic safety breakaway feature and a metal hook attachment for use displaying your nursery visitor pass or staff ID.
  • 5 clear visitor pass wallets to house your nursery visitor passes.
  • Up to 15 staff ID cards customised with your name and logo
  • 15 rigid blue plastic ID card holders to display staff identification.
  • 15 incident reporting pads contained in a handy cheque-book format. The triplicate slips give you an easy way to notify parents of bumps and bruises whilst keeping your own records up-to-date.
  • 100 "I've Bumped My Head" wristbands for children who have had a bump or bruise during the day.
  • 200 nursery trip wristbands to ID children on your off-site trip or activity.