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SG World put together a set of COVID-19 Key Worker Thank You posters but quickly realised that we can’t begin to recognise all of the people supporting the community through this difficult time. So we turned it over to you with our Competition to to draw a Thank-You poster for your own hero or heroes.




It was a real pleasure going through all the entries, we even had submissions from as far away as India. It was a real toughie but these are our three winners who drew some ace pictures for us with some lovely messages about their heroes. Some choccies will be winging their way to all three and Owen will be receiving an exclusive A2 poster printer of his winning entry.


Owen - Age 10

Owen loves playing rugby and doing up an old Massey Ferguson tractor with his dad.

His Thank You poster is dedicated to his local milkmen at Bellis Bros who continue to deliver milk and eggs to everyone in the community at this time. He misses having weekly chats with the milkmen when they collect the money as we they have to leave the money in an envelope due to the lockdown.

We appreciated Owen’s attention to detail in the tractor and his heartfelt message to the milkmen. So many people are having a bash at home baking at the moment, those egg and milk deliveries are really appreciated.


Chloe - Age 5

Chloe wanted to thank her hero - her dad. "He is an anaesthetist. He helps poorly people to breathe. When he is not working he reads Harry Potter to me. My dad is brave and kind."

Cool hat Dr Chris and a lovely NHS logo taking pride of place. Can everybody spot the Harry Potter reference?


Kiera - Age 12

Kiera loves to draw and paint, her favourite animals are dogs and butterflies. The heroes she wants to thank are the NHS and all Key Workers. The rainbow symbolises Hope. Whilst the blue at the bottom of the poster is the NHS colour and the sky of the rainbow. Also, the cloud is the Key Workers that holds the rainbow together, in the same way, the Key Workers hold the NHS together, making each of the NHS staff stronger. The shadows around the NHS workers represent ghostliness this is because this is a life or death situation and they are putting their lives at risk to save others.

We were impressed by the amount of thought gone into the symbolism here and of course the brilliant pencil drawing of the NHS.


And a special mention to . . .

We also wanted to give this submission from Athul Krishna Girish, age 13, from Kerala a special mention.

Athul’s thank message went out to “our Health Department for their service and care. They serve us even without caring their lives. I think they are the real heroes..... Thanks to them.”