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Can you SEE if your equipment has been inspected today?

Our Forklift Pre-Use/Daily Inspection Free Offer includes:

A forklift truck inspection pad containing 30 checklists designed to help you comply with your duty of care under HSE guidance L117 and PUWER.

A heavy-duty yellow plastic inspection paddle, with plastic wallets and cable ties

A five pack of A6 self-adhesive stickers reminding operators to safety check their forklift before use.



Forklifts are only one inspection in SG World's wide range of pre-use safety inspections, including racking, pallet trucks, VNA's and other materials handling equipment. We have over 30 off-the-shelf inspections and a full customisation service.  

Our Pre-use/daily inspection range

Inspection Checklists

Hi-vis Display Wallet

Inspection Signage

everything you need to know about pre-use safety inspections

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Order your free sample book so you can check out why SG World have the UK's most popular pre-use inspection system.


Ebooks, articles and blogs on pre-use safety inspection legislation, guidance and checklists.

Customisation Service

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, talk to us about our customisation service.

How it Works

Check out our short video to see exactly how our inspection system works

give me one good reason to buy an sg world inspection!

We'll Give You Eight!

If you are responsible for the health and safety, you've probably checked out some of the free
pre-use or daily inspection checklists on the internet. These generic templates are a good start but
they have some disadvantages, which is why SG World have developed a unique solution


One size doesn't always fit all

A checklist taliored specifically for a certain product means the operator knows exactly what they need to be looking for.

Staying on top of the regulations

We keep an eye on the latest regulatory guidance making sure our inspection products are up to date and give businesses a best practice pre-use inspection. procedure.

Write it once, create two records

The operator fills in the information once and a duplicate copy is automatically created. One copy for the equipment and one for your central records.

Make safety visible

Our inspections include a green or red pass/fail notice which displays in a hi-vis yellow, plastic wallet so you can see at a glance whether the equipment is safe to use.

Getting the safety message across

It’s not easy getting people to follow health and safety procedures and a piece of A4 paper doesn’t convey the same gravitas as a dedicated checklist.

Paperwork or paper that works?

Pre-use checks can generate a lot of loose A4 sheets, our checklists come in a neat chequebook format which keeps your documentation tidy and minimal.

Fighting the elements

A piece of A4 paper isn’t going to fare well under adverse weather conditions. Ours comes with it’s own protective cover keeping the contents safe and legible.

Because you're worth it!

Over 100 million inspections have been carried out using our solution because H&S Managers recognise value for money and a good investment. Depending on volume, we’re talking a few pence per inspection.