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The Busy Receptionist

SG World offer a range of Visitor Management systems. Whether you are looking for a paper visitor pass or the latest electronic visitor touchscreen, we can help. Everything can be branded in your logo and colours for a professional welcome and geat first impression.

  • Ensure you have an up to date, accessible emergency roll call.
  • Communicate important site safety information to visitors.
  • Improve site security by identifying authorised visitors.

The Warehouse Manager

A logistics hub might be the most hazardous part of your building. You have the combination of constant footfall, heavy loads stored at height and powerful Manual Handling Equipment such as forklifts. These all carry inherent safety risks which need to be managed. SG World offer a range of pre-use safety inspection checklists which:

  • give staff a easy process to carry out safety checks and tag faulty equipment.
  • give managers a robust way to check the necessary safety checks are being done.
  • give the company a central, auditable record if they ever need to investigate an accident.

The School Business Manager

With Education funding being constantly trimmed, the SBM is constantly trying to get more out of the school budget. SG World's asset management software and tagging services let you track, manage, support and maximise your assets throughout their lifecycle. Having an accurate picture of your assets and resources means you can invest where you need it and maximise your budget.

  • follow best practice SFVS and Academies Financial Handbook budgeting guidance.
  • save the time and headache of the annual asset inventory and locating lost equipment.
  • make sure your insurance premiums reflect your actual asset value.

The Health and Safety Manager

A Health and Safety Managers first responsbility is to look after the welfare of company employees. This goes hand in hand with giving the company peace of mind that they actively promote a safe working culture. SG World's solutions help demonstrate a pro-active, practical approach to workplace safety by giving H&S the tools to communicate, monitor and enforce safe working processes:

  • Pre-use safety inspections for forklifts, MHE, MEWPS, ladders, racking etc.
  • Contractor Management - Permits and Work, Contractor Pass and Contractor Software.
  • Visitor Management Systems - improve site safety with visitor and staff ID.

The School Designated Safeguarding Lead

Being responsible for the welfare of your students is quite a responsibility. SG World help an SDL put in place measures to improve safeguarding across a wide range of areas:

  • Incident Reporting
  • School Trips
  • Visitor Identification
  • Contractors Working On Site


SG World have a diverse product range but all our solutions have a common thread; making it easy for businesses and schools to adopt best practice processes into their daily routines. Whether it’s tracking your visitors, creating a safe working environment, safeguarding your students or managing your asset inventory - our practical solutions help busy people make the most of their time and budget.

With nearly 50 years’ experience, SG World’s products are tried and trusted by over 20,000 customers.