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What information should be included on an ID card?


The standard information most of our customers include on their standard size ID cards is: a company logo, company address and telephone number. We also recommend a return address is included in case the card is lost.

Information which changes for each individual's ID card includes: an individual’s photograph, identifying logos (indicating contractor status or first aid training, for example), a barcode, a printed signature, or any other images you see fit.

Commonly included text fields are: name, date of birth, employee number, DBS number, job title, National Insurance number, start and expiry date, vehicle registration number, emergency contact, phone or phone extension numbers, and department.

“Key ring” size cards are not for photographic ID purposes due to size restrictions. These are ideal for providing quick access to barcodes for equipment or software. For this reason we do not recommend placing personal information on these cards in case they are lost.