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Caution Fork Lift, Indoor Circle Floor Signage, 60cm Diameter


A sticker to clearly warn pedestrians and visitors that fork lift trucks are working in the area constituting a potential risk. Incorporating the recommended warning sign triangular format in a yellow/black colour scheme.

Textured Floor Graphic with Polyester Film for Indoor Floor Signage. See our Materials Guide for more information on how to choose the right material for your floor graphic.

• Suitable for all smooth, hard floors e.g. concrete & tiling
• Unique sharkskin coating
• R10 certified
• Easy to apply and easy to remove
• Ultra-tough polyester base

Installation Instructions
SG World floor signs are manufactured using an ultra-tough polyester film with zero stretch, enabling very accurate placement. Installation must be undertaken as follows.

  • The floor must be clean, dry, smooth and all dust and debris removed.
  • Hold at circa 25 degrees to the floor and keep a firm tension, whilst a colleague applies firm pressure to apply the graphic to the floor.
  • Use light and steady pressure
  • Once sign is placed please keep free from foot traffic, ideally for at least 12 hours to allow adhesive to bond
  • This material is suitable for short to medium term usage

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