Visitor Pass Starter Kit


A simple system to record all visitors to your premises and issue them with a visitor pass.

  • Visitor Pass – a pass to identify all authorised visitors (250 slips)
  • Emergency Evacuation Registers – up to date record all visitors to the site (10 registers)
  • Discreet Sheet – to cover up the names of all previous visitors (10 sheets)
  • Writing Board – ensure passes and register are in perfect alignment (one) 
  • Plastic Wallets – to house the visitor pass (x 100)
  • Visitor Lanyard – for attaching to the plastic wallet so that the pass can be worn around the neck (x 50)
  • Metal Clip – an alternative to the lanyard, allows the plastic wallet to be clipped to visitor clothing (x 50)
  • Binder – for storing used registers (one)
  • Visitor Display Notice – a perspex notice for the reception desk informing visitors to wear their passes and hand them in upon departure (one)
  • Wallet Store – for housing empty wallets at reception (one)
  • Pen/Stand – for use by visitors as they sign in (one)

Paper or Electronic?

SG World have a full range of print and software visitor management products so you can chose the solution that’s right for you. Check out our visitor management software platform here

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