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Download the white paper "Five Reasons to Ditch the Spreadsheet" now.AudIT is the asset management system designed specifically for schools and academies. AudIT gives you the tools to keep information about your high value items all together in a single software solution. The easy to use software can immediately help departments, from IT to facilities to administration by letting them report on any information contained in the database for purposes like insurance, scheduling maintenance, warranty, support contracts, budgeting and procurement. AudIT is internet-based and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection and many mobile devices.

What is Asset Management?

AudIT can track your school or academy’s entire holdings to create a complete asset register for administration, insurance and financial planning. AudIT will record all of your assets: from ICT equipment, computers and software to furniture, electrical items and classroom instruments or teaching aids. With no limits on the number of assets you can add to AudIT, this is an asset management solution that is guaranteed to grow with your school.

AudIT is a software solution that takes you away from pencils and paper, or multiple spreadsheets. AudIT lets you set levels of control over who can add, edit, change or dispose of the assets in the program; the information about your assets won’t be changed without your knowledge. AudIT keeps your information stored securely, and, because it runs on the web, it can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

If your school has wanted to put an asset management solution in place, but hasn’t been able to find the time, SG World will get you set up with our Asset Discovery Service. Our CRB/DBS-checked engineers will come to your school to tag and photograph all of your assets, set up your system and train your staff. It’s a complete service that takes the pain away from moving to a complete asset management software solution – and it’s just a phone call away.

Asset Management Solutions for Bursars and Finance Managers

  • Levels of control help you meet your financial obligations under the Academies Handbook or the Schools Financial Value Standard

  • Easily produce accurate reports on anything in the system for asset replacement, warranty checks, insurance purposes or procurement and budgeting.

  • Avoid overpayment on insurance premiums with accurate total asset and room contents values that includes depreciation, damage or loss.

Asset Management for ICT Departments

  • Automated discovery lets you find and map the PC and Mac computers on your network with the click of a button.

  • Software metering function tracks the actual usage of software across your network so you can see if there are underused or spare software licenses available.

  • E-Safety alerts monitor if new software is installed on networked computers.

  • Optional software module helps you track software assets across your network.

  • Track IP address changes in the event of theft.

Asset Management Systems for Facilities Managers

  • Create maintenance schedules for each room, floor or building on your site using AudIT.

  • Instantly access room schematics like dimensions, fire exits and alarm zones.

  • Store photos of rooms to track damage and condition.

  • Keep risk assessments, maintenance records and photographs of an asset all in a single file.

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