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Tom Mulvaney: Finance Director

Value for money and no surprises. Safe flying – and even safer landings.

After graduating in 1980 and choosing a career in business over one in the RAF I went on to qualify as an accountant and then marry Lucie in May and June respectively of 1982; just as the RAF were preoccupied with noisy neighbours in the South Atlantic. I’ve often wondered if I would have been involved in the Falklands conflict if my decision had gone the other way.

Having spent a few years learning my trade I got a big career break when I made FD in an engineering business which, amongst other things, made major components of what became todays MRI scanners – all very leading edge back in the 80s. Further Finance Director positions followed with companies in the industrial batteries industry and architectural aluminium industry. In 1997 Lucie (also a qualified accountant) and I opened an accounting practice and in 1999 I added a manufacturing consultancy business with a business partner. During this time I had worked with 3i, the venture capital business that had financed the management buy-out of Safeguard. They introduced me to Arnold and in 1998 I became the non-Executive director for Safeguard. Ten years later, with 3i long gone, I agreed to take on the role of FD for SG World.

I sold the consultancy business in 2005, but retain the accounting practice that my wife runs whilst I have other business interests in the IT industry and commercial property.

Our three sons are all young men now, two final year undergraduates and the eldest working in web development – although they all still officially live with us at home in North Wales! Two play guitar, the other Viola. I’m trying to make up for lost time on the guitar, but usually have to satisfy myself by just playing the fool. Lucie’s spare time is taken up with creative stuff (watercolour painting, quilting and cookery) and she bought me the best birthday present ever in some flying lessons which enabled me to fulfil a long held ambition in 2009 when I gained my private pilot’s licence to which I added an instrument rating in 2011. I’m looking forward to building up my hours and possibly go for a commercial pilot’s licence – just to boost my skill levels, I don’t expect an airline or the RAF to come calling, I’m too old for that, which brings back to that decision I made in 1980. No regrets!

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