School Incident Reporting Form Register (Packs of 504)


The school incident reporting system allows a school to make a record of all incidents occurring to pupils throughout the school day, however insignificant.

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How to use

The incident slip generated is provided to the parent/guardian, keeping them fully informed of incidents, locations, witnesses, treatment etc. The incident register provides a chronological list of all incidents throughout the school, providing useful analysis and statistics.

When an incident occurs, the incident slip is completed with details of the incident.

As this slip is completed, the entry in the incident report form register is automatically created. This provides an accurate record of all incidents throughout the school such as common incident locations, names of children who often appear on the register, children suffering from recurring incidents etc. The register not only provides useful analysis but also vital information should an incident be investigated at a later date.

The incident report form slip can either be passed to the parent/guardian when the child is collected from the school or can be passed to the child who will hand this to the parent/guardian when they arrive home. This ensures that parents/guardians are fully informed of all incidents relating to their children and can then seek further information from the school or a medical check-up if desired.

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