Accident Reporting and Investigation Form


Ensure complete and accurate incident documentation with this A3 book containing 50 three-part forms.

Simplify accident reporting and investigation:

  • Two-section form: Record full details in the accident report, then delve deeper with the dedicated investigation section.
  • HSE guidance compliant: Follow best practices for thorough incident analysis and identification of root causes.
  • Clear organisation: Easily record all crucial information, including date, time, location, witness details, injuries sustained, and corrective actions taken.
  • Transparency and accountability: Provide one copy to the injured party, one for employee records, and one for the Health & Safety Manager.
  • Always informed: A handy reference on the back lists all RIDDOR reportable events, keeping you in compliance with regulatory requirements.

            Invest in accident prevention and improve workplace safety with this comprehensive, user-friendly form book.

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