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How can a key control system help you?

  • When a key is issued, a key control pass is completed by the borrower. Part of the numbered pass is retained by the issuing office and placed on the empty hook in the key cabinet. The remainder of the pass, featuring all of the rules relating to the borrowing of the key, is given to the borrower along with the key.
  • At the same time as the pass is written out, the key control register is automatically created, providing an accurate master record of all keys issued. This information is useful if, for example, someone else wishes to borrow the same key, a key is not returned, a piece of equipment is missing from a room etc.
  • When the borrower returns the key, it is returned to the hook and the retained portion of the pass removed and destroyed. The portion of the pass held by the borrower is also returned, signed by the issuing authority and handed back to the borrower as proof of return. An entry is made in the register confirming the date and time of key return.
  • Registers can be completely branded and printed to your exact requirements.

Key Control

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