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Whether you’re looking for a basic off-the-shelf solution or a visitor pass book which incorporates your company logo, colours and branding, SG World can help.

All SG World visitor pass products include a confidentiality sheet so you can respect data privacy and stay GDPR safe. The visitor simply fills in the top slip in the visitor book which also displays any important safeguarding or health and safety information and a signature box.

The completed slip is torn out along the perforation and put in a clear plastic wallet to be worn as a clearly visible visitor badge. When completing the pass, all the visitor details are duplicated and captured in the visitor book, providing a dated register of all visitors and an up to date emergency roll call in case of an evacuation.

We print our passes on site and have a dedicated customer service team on hand to advise on design and layout. Our visitor management range also includes lanyards, wallets and other ID accessories to use with our visitor passes.

Off The Shelf Visitor Pass

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