ID Card Printing

At SG World, we specialize in creating high-quality, customized ID cards tailored to meet all your specific needs. Whether you require a single card or a bulk order of up to 1,000 cards, our advanced printing technology ensures exceptional results.

Our Printing Process

Enjoy vibrant, edge-to-edge printing in any colour or design you prefer with our full bleed colour option. We offer both colour and black-only printing on the reverse side of your ID cards to provide you with flexibility. Additionally, enhance security with an optional ultraviolet surface layer, giving you peace of mind.

Card Specifications

Our ID cards are the size of an average debit card, measuring 54 mm x 85 mm with a thickness of 0.75 mm. This convenient size makes them easy to carry and store.

Card Options

We provide a range of card options to suit various needs:

  1. Standard (Plain) Cards: Simple and effective for everyday use.
  2. Adhesive-backed Cards: Perfect for temporary use or attaching to other surfaces.
  3. Electronic Re-write Cards: Ideal for dynamic data that needs frequent updates; reverse-side printing is also available.
  4. Encoded Magnetic Strip Cards: Great for access control, including the option of a signature strip.

Enhance your reception area or site with SG World’s ID card printers. Creating personalized ID cards for visitors and staff in-house gives you greater control and flexibility.

Our printers seamlessly integrate with SG World’s electronic visitor management systems, streamlining operations and improving security. For a smooth, efficient ID process, choose SG World’s ID card printing solutions.

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