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SG World is a C&CCC (Cheque & Credit Clearing Company Ltd) accredited cheque printer and prints cheques for all the major banks throughout the UK. We provide cheques for all types of software including SIMS and RM Finance.

All SG World Non-Computer Cheques include all security features outlined by C&CCC:

  • Paper which will provide authenticity under ultra-violet lights
  • Paper which discolours under attack from acids, alkalis, bleaches and solvents
  • Complex patterns in the body of the cheque
  • Microprint that can only be viewed under a magnifying glass
  • Special inks to protect against alteration

We can also add holograms to provide extra security.

SG World's one-write system maintains a permanent, up-to-date record of all business payments quickly and easily. One single entry completes the cheque and cash book sheet eliminating the need to complete a counterfoil.

  • Maintains a daily balance and simplifies account reconciliation
  • Gives a clear and accurate record trail
  • Provides balanced data for computer input requirements
  • Cheques created to reflect your company image and comply with all C&CCC (Cheque & Credit Clearing Company Ltd) standards.
  • Minimum Order 250