LOTO Lock Out Tag Out Bundle


Keep your employees safe with the Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) Bundle!

This comprehensive LOTO bundle includes everything you need to perform LOTO safely and effectively. With this bundle, you'll get everything you need to belt and brace your LOTO isolation procedure.

  • LOTO Register/Tags & Writing Board/Storage Folder: This essential kit will help you keep track of all your LOTO procedures, tags, and records.
  • 100 Lock off slips (tags): These durable tags will allow you to tag out each piece of equipment that needs to be isolated.
  • 4 Lock off registers: These registers will help you record all the lock offs that have been conducted.
  • 1 writing board: This board will give you a place to neatly house all of your LOTO records.
  • 10 plastic wallets: These wallets will house the tags and the 10 cable ties will help you attach them to the main power switch to identify the lock off.
  • Pack of 10 Isolation Certificates: These certificates will allow you to document that the equipment has been properly isolated.
  • Set of 5 Steel Padlocks and 1 Steel Hasp: These padlocks and hasp will allow you to lock out the equipment.
  • Set of 3 A4 and 3 A5 Magnetic LOTO Warning Signs: These signs will help to warn others that the equipment is isolated and not to be used.

This LOTO bundle is a great investment in the safety of your employees and your workplace. It is comprehensive, well-rounded, and easy to use. Order yours today!


  • Comply with LOTO regulations
  • Easy to use
  • Keep employees safe
  • Prevent accidents
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve productivity

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