Risk Assessment Book (Pad of 30)


The Point of Use Risk Assessment Book lets you cover those frequent, short-term tasks often missed by regular assessments. Prevent liabilities and accidents with this convenient, portable pad containing 30 duplicate risk assessments.

Ideal for:

  • Maintenance crews: Assess risks before tackling repairs, equipment checks, and more.
  • Facility teams: Quickly evaluate temporary setups, cleaning tasks, and event scenarios.
  • Supervisors: Empower your team to proactively identify and manage risks on the go.

How to use

  • Streamlined process: Quick and easy to use, minimizing downtime and boosting productivity.
  • Pre-work prep: Before starting a task, identify potential hazards and existing controls.
  • Team awareness: Have all involved employees sign the assessment form, fostering safety awareness.
  • Documented proof: Detach the top copy for authorized personnel, while the duplicate remains in the pad for future reference.
  • Pocket-sized convenience: Dimensions: 105mm (h) x 229mm (w) - fits easily in a toolbox or pocket.
  • 30 assessments per pad: Stock up and always be prepared for unexpected tasks.

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