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School Inventry management

Asset Management Anywhere.

School Inventry management

AudIT is a digital solution for school asset management. Unlike a typical software program which is based on a desktop and only accessible from that particular machine, AudIT runs on the internet. You can access AudIT from anywhere that has an internet connection – from your school office, offsite or even at home. AudIT allows you to easily track you school inventry.

In the event of an emergency at your school or academy, paper records might disappear or a computer might become inaccessible. AudIT means that if you are ever in the situation where you need to know what your school or academy owns, such as for a large insurance claim, you don’t have to worry about recreating your records, or even putting something together from nothing. The School Inventry management software can help you in many ways, get in touch today.

School Inventry management on your phone or tablet.

AudIT Mobile on an iPhoneAudIT Mobile is an application that lets you access your school’s asset register from a mobile phone. You can replicate many of the features of the same school inventry management software accessed on a web browser now through your phone or tablet.

Supported Devices Include:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Android phones
  • Android tablets

AudIT Mobile is perfect for when you want to add new items to the database or perform an audit of your inventory on the move. With the AudIT mobile asset management application you can upload photographs, track your inventory and record PAT tests or maintenance. AudIT mobile is the perfect School Inventry management to use on your mobile phone or tablet.

The application is ideal for schools or academies with support staff working across multiple sites. The AudIT mobile application works off of your mobile device’s 3G connection, or can be used on WiFi to keep the costs of connectivity to a minimum.

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