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Asset Management Can Help Reduce Insurance Premiums

Save Time and Money With Asset Management.

How can SG Worlds Asset Management software reduce your incusrance premium?

Insurance is a product that we buy hoping we’ll never have to use it – so no wonder that many people don’t pay it too much attention until the worst does happen; and then it’s too late. School and academies additionally have their own specialist insurance requirements. Arson is the largest cause of school fires and a well-appointed IT department or ICT lab can be a tempting target for thieves.

While it’s easy enough to buy insurance, if the cover isn’t right, a cheap deal can turn out be very expensive indeed.  One of the most important questions that need answering as part of an insurance review is: what is the value at risk? Establishing the correct sum insured is the foundation of good insurance and can avoid a shortfall in a claims settlement with your insurer.

Setting the sums insured for contents can be tricky unless the school has an asset register with each and every item included. AudIT’s complete, online solution means your school has an asset register that can be accessed or updated anywhere. Using SG World’s asset management software, your school or academy can ensure it has:

  • An accurate list of assets and their values
  • An up-to-date record showing proof of purchase and photographic evidence
  • The knowledge that your insurance premium is accurately reflecting the real value of your assets with AudIT’s depreciation calculator
  • Off-site, secure data hosting means your asset register is held safely off-site if you ever needed to make a major claim

AudIT’s powerful reporting functions include a one-click calculator to show you the actual values of your school’s inventory in AudIT. This simple tool is an easy check to see that your school or academy has the right amount listed on your insurance.

Download the asset management white paper.

AudIT's ease of use means that in the case of a burglary or catastrophic event, finding the evidence to make an insurance claim doesn't take away time that could be better used managing a school. Peter Willett, ICT Manager at Barclay Primary School said: "Unfortunately we are still the victim of regular burglaries with four in the last three years. It would have taken me two weeks for each claim to carry out a manual audit on the missing items. I simply cannot afford that time out of my busy schedule when running the IT of such a large primary school. With the software I was able to discover the information within 15 minutes and report to our insurance company."

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